April What Day?

The day I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The Internet has made the first day of April into a fun day, which is different from the opinions of many who believe the day to be mean-spirited. Well I recommend you surf around today so you don’t miss these.


One of the best comics I’ve ever read has a great little gag for today. The whole site is UNIX. You can use commands like “ls” and “clear” you can also “cat” files. Navigating between comics has commands. And if you want to get someone to make you a sandwich. You can use this command, “sudo make me a sandwich”.


Go try some commands. I was impressed by what I found there. I don’t know what else will work. You can read the files on there. Who knows what other “programs” you can run. Check the comic archives maybe there is another command.

I wonder if it supports regular expressions…


I think we all knew that Google was going to do something interesting. Luckily for them, Topeka, Kansas helped them come up with something. You may have heard that the city recently changed its name to “Google, Kansas”. So to honor that, Google has decided to change their name to “Topeka”.


There is a nice article about it and everything. I guess now I can “Topeka it on Bing” instead of “Google it on Bing”. I know that “Bing” will never win the verb war. They didn’t factor in the lack of a past tense. If you type “Binged” you’re talking about something completely different and you seem to be a glutton.

Think Geek

If you’re looking for something to do with an Apple iPad I have just the thing. ThinkGeek is selling the iCade, which will let you turn your iPad into a mini arcade! Now you have a reason to get the flash-lacking device.


More Google (of course)

Ever want to know what an animal is saying? Now you can know the answer. Just use Translate For Animals from Google Topeka. This is a beta application which will work on your Android phone.




Playing videos all day long leaves YouTube with some very expensive bandwidth costs. To help cut these costs, YouTube’s service can now be viewed in text. The claim is $1/second savings. Kind of hard to see though.


Have a great day! I hope you enjoy all of the gags. Make sure you look for more of them. They're fun!