Lift Pass Pricing Kata

The Lift Pass Pricing Kata is a refactoring kata, which means that we start with an existing codebase. You can find the original instructions and the starting source code fot the kata here.

In this kata, we have an existing application that is a web API endpoint used to determine the price for buying a single pass to ride on a ski lift. This code is not written to be testable or reusable, which makes it a great candidate for our purpose of practicing refactoring.


The applicatoin is currently only able to provide the price of one pass at a time, so a consuming application would need to call this endpoint multiple times in order to get the prices for multiple tickets.

New Feature Request: We need to be able to request the price for more than one lift pass at a time.

Suggested Steps


Database Installation

This application uses a MySql database by default. The instructions for setting up this database can be found with the original source samples.