2015 Software Craftsmanship Calendar

People have been asking about the 2015 Software Craftsmanship Calendars. I’ve got good news and bad news for those of you who are looking forward to another software craftsmanship calendar to hang on your walls at work, home, or someone else’s wall.

The Good News

I’ve made significant progress on a calendar, and I’ve got enough concepts, jokes, one-liners written, and sketches for the next two calendars! These next couple of calendars are going to be full of awesome content that you’re all going to love.

The Bad News

Due to circumstances outside of my control, there will not be a 2015 Software Craftsmanship Calendar, so you will all have to wait one year before your replacement calendar is available.

The Future

Please keep the space open on your wall. Steve Smith and I are dedicated to making sure that the next Software Craftsmanship Calendar is better than the previous ones. Follow me and Steve on twitter and pay attention next year for updates about the calendar.