Constant Search Engine Optimization

With the power that search engines seem to have now, it has become difficult to design anything without considering them. Anytime I am trying to find anything I check Google first, and I often use Google to search sites that have their own searches. One reason I see for this is that all sites seem to try to optimize for search engines now.

I spend a lot of my time considering how a search engine will see any piece of code I write. When a large portion of traffic is directly attributed to a search engine, one has to keep it in mind when designing pages. A lot of times I feel that I have spent more time configuring a site to show higher in search results than I have building the site.

I am just assuming that everyone has run into the same situations. We are all trying to find newer and better ways to get our sites a little higher on those search engines. I am certain I am not the only person who spends a few seconds figuring out a way to word a link so it not only makes sense to a user, but will be seen nicely by search engines. Even in blog posts I am careful about my naming now. It is quite a change from what I was doing a decade ago.