Developers Give Back

This year’s Cleveland GiveCamp was a great success. The event ended with the completion of 23 software projects for 23 organizations who needed the support of a lot of fantastic developers. The GiveCamp event in Cleveland is one of many events that happen all over.

The event brings together non-profit organizations and charities who need assistance in developing software to fit their needs. These people get together with volunteers to figure out what they need and how to best achieve that over the course of a weekend. When the event begins, hundreds of developers gather, split into teams, and work together to complete these projects over a weekend. That’s right, it all happens in one weekend. That means that the event is fast-paced and delivers a great deal of value to the organizations.

I worked on the Euclid Beach Park Now with a great group of people including one other NimblePros team member. We were building a new, dynamic site for the group. Our main goals were to give the site a fresh new look and make it so that updates could be made easily to the site. We also wanted to allow visitors to the site to write about their experiences and memories of the Euclid Beach Park.

The group started with a lot of great .NET expertise, so they wanted to use a .NET-based CMS to allow them to customize it if needed. They decided to use Orchard CMS, so they asked if anyone at the event knew about Orchard CMS. Caitlin Steinert and I raised our hands as people who had used Orchard before. We joined the team.

The group of people working on that project were fantastic and were able to get up to speed with Orchard in just that weekend. We occasionally called in Kevin Kuebler with a question or two, but other than that the group was able to build the whole project in the course of the weekend. The site is now hosted through DiscountASP.NET who offers free Windows hosting for GiveCamp-created sites.

Without such a fantastic group of people there is no way we could have accomplished so much in the course of just that weekend. I’d like to thank the rest of my team for doing such a fantastic job for Euclid Beach Park Now who seemed to really love the site we built for them.

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