Differences Between Structures and Classes in C#

Earlier today I was looking for a good reference outlining the differences between structs and classes in C#. I wanted a refresher on the subject, because I've been doing a reasonable amount of teaching lately. At Lake Quincy Media we have hired a couple of developers currently in school. In bringing them up to speed, I've been explaining a lot about programming languages, paradigms, etc. and it is nice to have good references to make sure that I am not passing along misinformation. In my quest to make sure that I'm remembering things correctly I found a great resource showing the differences between C# structs and classes. It is a very nice reference. I has links to different sections and code examples showing the differences it lists. I'll definitely be recommending that these guys take a look at this resource.

Note: In my opinion the best one thing to remember when thinking about structs and classes is that structs behave like value types and classes like reference types. If you know how to interact with each of those then you'll understand a lot of the differences right away.

Happy Programming Everyone!