Don’t Repeat Yourself with Copy Paste Programming

If you’ve kept up with your Software Craftsmanship Calendars, you may have noticed many of our little jokes that were not even the pictures in the calendars. One of my favorites is that we violated Don’t Repeat Yourself and followed “Copy Paste Programming” in the 2013 Software Craftsmanship Calendar.

In the 2011 Software Craftsmanship Calendar, we did a set of principles that you want to follow with humorous pictures of them not being followed. In that calendar, you would have seen the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) Principle.


Then in 2012, our anti-patterns calendar, we did Copy Paste Programming. In that picture, someone needs a bunch of different paintings with individual requirements, so they started with one and copied, pasted, and adjusted each.


Then in 2013, our calendar was again about principles, so we followed Copy Paste Programming and violated Don’t Repeat Yourself by including Don’t Repeat Yourself again! We made one slight adjustment.


Did you notice that the apple is green now? Quite the change, eh? Totally different. Definitely not a repeat.

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