Dynamically Typed Objects in C#

In the past the C# language obtained a new feature allowing it to declare variables as type "var". It didn't really do any dynamic typing though. For the most part the var is just there for developer convenience. Some people have complained about this in the past. Stating that C# 3.0 doesn't have dynamic types. The problem is that with that it is figuring out when compiling what type the variable is.

I am currently sitting in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the PDC 2008. I am watching a session on the future of C#. One of the interesting demos we're seeing in this is some of the new dynamic typing that is coming down the pipe. Variables are being defined with the type "dynamic" this is very cool because it is being figured out at runtime and not at compile time. It seems to be a very powerful ability of the language even in this early stage. Perhaps we'll see some new stuff from this some time soon.

Looks like they're combining the dynamic and var so they work very well together.