Fake Binary Clocks

I recently downloaded a Vista clock gadget. It is kind of nice, but as with most things claiming to a binary clock, it really is not one. I am bothered by ThinkGeek's binary clocks as well as pretty much all of others I've seen. Don't mistake me here I love the nerdniness factor. They are quite amazing devices to marvel your friends with. The problem is that true nerds have recognized and been bothered since the beginning by these bearers of false names. They are in fact binary-coded decimal clocks not binary clocks.

Here is an example of this type of clock.

Notice that it keeps a column for each digit of the time. This is because they are using 1 binary number for each decimal digit. This is not true binary. If it were binary there would be 3 columns: hours, minutes, and seconds. I now sit and wait for ThinkGeek to begin selling a real binary clock which is not a binary-coded decimal clock.

I should form a group called Coalition Against Binary-Coded Decimal Clocks Being Advertised as Binary Clocks (CABCDCBABC).

Yes, I like the name and the acronym is catchy and easy to remember. CABCDCBABC members unite!