How to Convert from hex to int

I recently needed to convert hexadecimal numbers into integer numbers. So for your benefit, and for mine when I forget how to do this, I will tell you a couple of ways to convert numbers of these types. Both methods are quite simple and easy to use.

string myHexNumber = "C4FFB716";
int myIntNumber = Int32.Parse(myHexNumber, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);


 This will convert a hexadecimal number in string format into an integer number. You could also do the following.

string myHexNumber = "C4FFB716";
int myIntNumber = Convert.ToInt32(myHexNumber, 16);


In this case you have easily converted from a hexadecimal string into an integer. If you want to convert from a base other than 16 into an integer you can pass either 2 or 8 instead of 16 to this method.

(Yes, I am aware that those are terrible variable names. This is merely an example.)