Information Overload

After CodeMash, I was informed by many people that I had missed a great talk that Scott Hanselman presented. The talk was his “Information Overload” talk, which is about the onslaught of information that the world sends at us constantly. I’ve since discovered that he has been presenting this around the world. Last week, at StirTrek, I made a point of watching Scott’s “Information Overload” talk.

His talk is designed for developers, but it’s not developer-specific. It is all about managing the streams of information that come into our lives. As is usual, his talk is entertaining, well-presented, and contains enough impromptu comments and laughter to keep it memorable. (More than just the comedy is memorable even.)

He had a lot of suggestions about how to organize what is important, when we should deal with things, and how we should deal with things. Techniques, tools, recommendations, and guidelines are the name of the game.

If you get the chance to see the talk in person, I recommend doing so. It is one of the better talks I’ve seen presented at conferences.