July HudsonSC

The Hudson Software Craftsmanship Group will be meeting July 20, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. with people arriving as early as 5:30. As usual, we will be ordering pizza, and some of us will be gathering at Kepner’s Tavern after the event to continue our discussions.

If you haven’t attended HudsonSC yet, I highly recommend the group. We have a fantastic group of software craftsmen who are always trying to improve their skills as developers. If you’re interested, please sign up to let us know you’re attending. We will also not turn people away at the door, so feel free to just show up for the event.

The event is located in downtown Hudson at 102 First Street. When you enter the building, just go to the second floor and turn right. Keep walking straight, and you will arrive in our meeting room.

This month I am going to suggest to the group that we try an AppKata instead of our usual programming exercises. These focus more on real-world scenarios and include changing requirements.

We are very loose with our agenda, so if you want to bring in something to talk about or an activity to do, go for it. In fact, you can show up and suggest topics and ideas for that day’s meeting.

See you there!