Microsoft Announced Windows Azure at PDC

In the recent Keynote here at Microsoft PDC, they just announced what they're calling an operating system for the cloud. Windows Azure is a platform for developers to create applications which are highly scalable. Over a month ago I was at Microsoft's campus looking at their Red Dog project. Now we've all learned that Microsoft has named this project more officially as Windows Azure. With this new project they are launching their CTP solution. With this they have a live cloud on which people can publish their cloud-based applications.

For now hosting applications on the cloud will be free of charge for people. Once Microsoft moves further along with their cloud hosting abilities this will be a pay service. They've not said yet how much these services will cost or even really what you'll be charged for. It looks like there will be a lot of new Azure stuff coming out soon.

One of the neatest applications I've seen here is one that I saw a preview of when it was in its early development in Redmond. Bluehoo is a neat application. It is targeted to mobile users. It allows them to have their phones communicate with eachother and with central services hosted on the cloud. This allows all of the users to know who is around them and what those people's interests are based on profiles the users specify. There is so much potential for this application I can't wait to see what they do with it.

It would be great to be able to walk into an establishment of some kind and see that there are people sharing your common interests. You'll be able to start conversations with people based on this. According to the Bluehoo guys the application will be available as a beta service online later today. Go check it out.