My Article is Popular

As last year was coming to an end I wrote an article on ASP Alliance. Well now to my surprise, my article explaining very simply what the MVC pattern is and why it is useful, has become relatively popular. I wrote the article, because I talked to a bunch of people and they didn't really seem to understand the MVC pattern, what it did for them, or why they should use it. Setting out my goal was to write an article to help people understand exactly that. I am sure there are plenty of ways in which it could have been improved, but I think it turned out pretty well.

How do I know the article is popular? It is currently listed as one of the popular articles on the ASP Alliance home page. As of writing this blog post, that article has had 3964 views in the past 10 days. Not too shabby I'd say since the article is not new. I have noticed that posts usually get more traffic right after they're written. I believe this is because search engines find them and list them higher for a while because they are newer.

So I took a quick screen shot of the list of popular articles, so my readers could see the fame I've reached....


Just to show my enthusiasm about this feat, I've taken the same screen shots and added some Batman-style onomatopoeias. This will let everyone know that my blog posts are knocking out other ones to get to the top... or save Gotham... or something like that. Enjoy!


Have a great day. I hope everyone enjoyed reminiscing about their childhood batman-watching days.

Tune in for the exciting conclusion on a different blog time on the same blog site. (yes, I mean here later)