NimblePros is Hiring Developers

NimblePros is looking for new team members as passionate about writing great software as we are. We don’t believe in writing crappy code, and our team is always improving in order to write better code. We continually adjust our processes to promote our goals of reducing waste and delivering better software.

I enjoy working with the NimblePros team, because they’re a fun group of individuals working towards the same goals I am.

If you would like to join the NimblePros team, you can contact us directly by emailing Please let us know what interests you about joining our team and what you’re really passionate about.

Here are a few tidbits about us:

The NimblePros team was founded by our area’s Microsoft Regional director, Steve Smith.

We believe that board gaming is great way to build a cohesive team.

NimblePros sponsors and its team runs the local Software Craftsmanship group.