SQL Server Client Tools Installation

A while back I blogged about how to install sql server management studio, and it got a reasonable amount of feedback. More recently, Steve Smith posted a response to it where he highlights a better way of installing Management Studio. The method I outlined doesn't seem to work in every instance, so in his response Steve supplied a method which works more often.

The Solution: Run the SqlRun_Tools.msi file found in this folder.

{drive}\ENGLISH\SQL2005\DEVELOPER\SQL Server x86\Tools\Setup\SqlRun_Tools.msi

{drive}\ENGLISH\SQL2005\DEVELOPER\SQL Server x64\Tools\Setup\SqlRun_Tools.msi

Choose the top one for 32-bit systems and the bottom on for 64.

Lots of people keep UAC disabled on Windows, so they'll miss out on nice annoyances like the fact that this method requires you run the msi file as a local administrator. So as I am apt to do, I tried right clicking on it to choose the "Run As Administrator" context menu item. To my surprise it is not there! Below I've supplied the workaround I use in Vista for running as administrator when the context menu item is not present.

One of many ways around running a program as administrator when the context menu item is not present.

  1. In the start menu type "cmd".
  2. When the dos prompt icon is the only remaining icon right click on it and run as administrator.
  3. Copy the file location of the file you wish to run.
  4. Paste the location into the command prompt window.
  5. Click enter.
  6. Watch the program begin with administrator privileges.
  7. Celebrate and enjoy!

Update (9/9/2008): If the software claims that you have nothing to install when you run the SqlRun_Tools.msi then it means that installation has been borked. You will want to try running the Microsoft Installation Cleanup Utility. It will remove the client tools that SqlServer thinks are there, and it will then let you install them.