Simple CMS Released

    After much anticipation, I am sure, from my zealous readers, I offer to you Simple CMS. This is a simple content management system, hence the name, which plugs into existing applications. This ASP.NET 2.0 plug-in is not meant to be a full blown application. This is for someone who has a site, and wants to easily add content to the site. With Simple CMS you can through a web interface create content for you pages, and control the addresses of these pages within your site.

    Simple CMS is currently in Beta, but support will be offered most prominently through the Simple CMS Forum, which is also where I would like people to let me know of any features they would like to see in later versions. I already know of some large changes I plan to make for future versions of Simple CMS.

    I hope you enjoy Simple CMS, and you can expect some articles to be written and posted on about how I made Simple CMS. I will probably write these as separate articles about interesting and useful topics I employed in the creation of my content management system. If you think Simple CMS is cool, you should also check out this Cache Manager on which Simple CMS is loosely based. It is a very useful little tool.

    Steve Smith did a nice release post for Simple CMS yesterday, so rather than duplicate the content I will just link to his post.

    Thanks for reading my Blog. Keep reading it and maybe you will get a free cookie, but you probably won’t.