Software Engineering 101 Cleveland Slides and Demos

Our Cleveland-based Software Engineering 101 event was modeled after two previous, successful events in Columbus and Nashville. The event was held at the Microsoft office in Independence, Ohio. The event went over very well; we managed to get a great group of about 50 students out for the event. Our negative feedback was the lack of Internet access and the fire alarm, which interrupted the event. Our schedule was thrown off a bit by the fire alarm, and we only needed to leave for lunch slightly early as a result. Other than that things went off without a hitch.

These are my slides on Object Oriented Principles, Practices, and Patterns. The practices of object oriented development I covered tie the principles together, and the patterns, strategy and template method, tie the principles together as well as prepare for Steve’s talk which followed mine.

These are my demos on Object Oriented Principles and Patterns. They’re simple and show the basic concepts of the slides.

Before throwing people into the deep with testing, I did a quick 15 minute introduction to testing.

Our hands-on programming exercise also went very well. I think we challenged some attendees and gave others some due practice by following previous examples and using the Greed Kata. This problem was great for reinforcing the concepts of my first talk, and if someone tried to follow the Open/Closed Principle while doing the problem they likely used the strategy pattern. I’d love for people to send me their implementations of the Greed Kata, so lets see what you’ve got.

Overall the event went well. Perhaps there is another one in our future. Let us know if you’d like us to do another.

We of course could not have done the event without the help of our organizing sponsors: Hudson Software Craftsmanship, NimblePros, and Microsoft. We are also grateful to our prize sponsors who offered up great prizes for the attendees: Pluralsight, DevExpress, NimblePros, JetBrains, and PreEmptive Solutions.