String Formatting BoundFields in Silverlight

Hi my name is Brendan E. While working with a Bindable Silverlight control I ran into a little bit of trouble because I have a dependence commonly found among Visual Studio developers. I am addicted to intellisense. When a property isn’t in intellisense I make the failing assumption that it does not exist.

So even though I have posted specifically about how we developers should be smart enough to know that we can’t always trust intellisense, I still make the mistake of trusting it.

I am binding to a control and it slipped my mind to use the DataFormatString property, because it didn’t show up in intellisense for me. So of course I look around for what else I might use. I bing a few times about what I am trying to do. When I find the answer I feel like an idiot once again. This must be how all addicts feel. I just need my intellisense.

So I was trying to format my bound field as a percentage. To do that I just needed to add the following code.



Hooray! I’ve got working code now. So I repeat again. Don’t trust intellisense. Just because it says it isn’t there doesn't mean it isn’t there.