Updating Fiddler Documentation

For those of you who still haven’t seen the new Fiddler site, go check it out. I blogged about the updated Fiddler site recently, but I didn’t mention the coolest update to the site.

The old site had some documentation on the site. It was scattered around on some help pages and had a lot of good information, however, we’ve now brought that information together and organized it into a nice, usable Fiddler documentation section on the site. If something you want is missing from or incomplete, don’t worry. We are working on improving the documentation in a variety of ways. This is just the initial release.

Help Fiddler’s Documentation

If you’ve ever worked with any software product, you’ve likely run across documentation that was wrong, incomplete, or just out of date. When that happens, you’re usually out of luck. There might be a comment box, or you can ask your question on a forum.

We took a different approach with Fiddler’s documentation. If you notice something we messed up or is incomplete, let us know about it or send us a pull request with your update. No, I am not kidding. Our documentation is in GitHub. In fact, the link to each article’s content is on each article itself.


Yep. That link will take you to GitHub. From there, you can Fork the repository and send us a pull request or just submit an issue letting us know what’s wrong. It’s simple and easy, and you won’t have to re-visit the same outdated, incorrect documentation year after year. We’ll leave that experience to other products’ documentation sites.