Using Fiddler with Mozilla Firefox

Earlier today I read a very interesting blog post from Steve Smith. I use FireBug for all of my debugging purposes in Firefox. I wish that IE had a tool as amazing as FireBug. Sadly, I know of none. I had a similar desire for Firefox, because I use Fiddler with IE. That I knew of it wasn't possible to use Fiddler with Firefox. That always annoyed me, because Fiddler is a powerful tool for analyzing HTTP traffic.

It seems Steve was under the same impression as I was. Luckily someone pointed out to him that Firefox can be manually configured to work with Fiddler. Check out Steve's blog post where he details how to configure Firefox to use Fiddler. Steve has some screen shots and details the steps pretty well.

Thank Steve for posting this!
Thank Ivo Evtimov for telling Steve about it!