Watch TV Shows on Hulu

Not sure if everyone new about this. I would argue it is not off topic since it is an interesting thing on the web. Hulu is a great new service for watching television shows online anytime. Commercials are short and quick. It is an amazing service I expect plenty of people to start using. I've watched a few shows on there already.


I've found the interface quite easy to use and understand. Nothing seems weird or difficult. So when you go to watch a show you might get a message like this before the show starts.


OK, cool. I can either watch one movie trailer at the beginning or I can have some commercial breaks. Not too shabby. If the movie trailer sounds interesting I will watch it, and if not I'll take the commercials. Trust me the commercials are not bad at all. There are not too many of them, and they are quite short compared to standard television commercial breaks.


This example I have here is a 1:26 runtime, so that is not too many commercial breaks. Plus, you can see when they are coming . This is a two hour long episode on television, so as you can imagine there are normally more and longer breaks. I've been very impressed with how quickly I can skip to any point in the show and watch. I've never had it lag on me, and it has never given me any loading screens or pinwheels that I often receive from other sites. Not sure how they got everything to stream so quickly and nicely, but you can be sure I will be watching on here a lot now.

If you have not looked at Hulu yet, you really need to. It is an amazing service, and it is free.